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Atlas Balancer Anita Zimmermann



About Atlas Balancing:

The Atlas Balancing method, developed by Elisabeth U. Westermann, is a way to support the body, so that humans may find its way back to a healthy balance.

We don‘t work manipulatively.

The Atlas Balancing method places the body into alignment by using sound code voice vibration along with gentle touch. Thereafter the human body responds and uses its own intelligence to heal itself, be it physical or spiritual.

Our work is not a therapeutic one. We are supporting the healthy part of the body and are not interested in diagnosing or promissing any cure. So it can never be a substitude for medical treatments.

We do not manipulate the body but support the organism in a gentle way to find back its own balance in the physical as well as the energetic and mental-emotional bodies.

Our work is energetic and touch for health, a form of spiritual healing. The effects are amazing though.

If you would like to read more about Atlas Balancing,
then go to our Homepage http://www.atlasbalancing.com/index.php/en/

About Anita Zimmermann:

Something new has always interested me, has inspired and is something where I get excited. I know how is feeling to be different as the so-called „normal“ people.

However today I see in it the potential for  the humans to find complete expression, to grow and to flower in our hearts.

It is important for me to play with me and the world, to have phantasy, to cross borders and bring colours in my and your life.

Each one should be allowed to be different from the others, to set apart from the others, just to be very specialy.

That’s what makes our life so interesting: The great variety of  the divine unity.

My desire is it to stimulate and to nudge the energies of your body / your life  simply - easy – peaceful in a relaxing atmosphere.

„The opportunities of your unlived being are lying secretly.
Bring them into the light.“